This page was originally called SEOSearch Engine Optimization – but these days marketing and your website – and, thus, your business – is a lot more than that.

It’s social media, press releases, email marketing, webinars, guest blogging and anything else that will establish your expertise and build trust in you and your brand.

Of course, it’s also Search Engine Optimization.

Internet Marketing is a fascinating subject and while not particularly difficult, per se, it is time-consuming in that each marketing campaign is different and thus there are no simple blueprints to follow.

There are, however, best practices that are well-established. I am currently following these “best practices” in marketing Last Laugh Creative.

Perhaps Common Sense Marketing is a better name for our evolving approach. I’ll work together with you to come up with a strategy that works for your business – and you.

But no matter what the specifics, it all comes down to providing your site’s visitors with useful content. Think about it: do you re-visit sites that had nothing useful to say the first time around? (Of course, depending on the site, useful can be defined as something entertaining as well as informative. We’re all experts in our business – what can we share today?

I hope to offer Internet Marketing as a service to my clients based on these best practices and will also make them available to all clients so they may implement them themselves.