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Last Laugh Creative – WordPress Web Design in the East Bay

Last Laugh Creative is a web design / development company in the East Bay area of Northern California whose focus is to collaborate with businesses and professional services to produce websites that attract, engage, and ultimately convert site visitors into clients and customers.

Last Laugh Creative is owned, operated, and occasionally disparaged by Tom Jackson (that would be me…), who assiduously follows the business model of “trying to learn from my mistakes.” This means there is plenty of learning going on.

With a long history of writing in the Boston area – theater, humor, fiction, radio, cable TV, short film – Last Laugh Creative began in 2001 as a way to capitalize on “the Internet thing” in case it caught on. And it’s starting to look as if it will be with us for awhile.

The circumstances of how I arrived at this point are no different than anyone’s – hard work, good luck, disappointment, all mixed in with that capricious entity we call Life. Suffice to say, I consider myself lucky: I enjoy what I do, I get to meet interesting people and my heavy lifting days are pretty much over. Hard to beat that.

More than anything, it’s the creativity that appeals to me; working with others to come up with something that neither of us would have been able to accomplish alone. Fun stuff.

From Dreamweaver to WordPress

The Early Years were static HTML sites built primarily by hand and with Dreamweaver. There were even some all-Flash sites, just because I could.

Latched on to WordPress in 2007 or so and never looked back, although I have glanced over my shoulder at Drupal and even Joomla from time-to-time.

Decided I’d better learn the rudiments of SEO if my own site was going to be found and have been incorporating that ongoing education into my client work ever since. It makes a difference.

These days I’m fairly selective about the projects I choose. I’ve come to realize that I’d much rather work collaboratively with a select group of clients to ensure their success.

In the meantime, continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to share.

A Culture of Sharing

I’ve been helped – and continue to be helped – by many kind people throughout my life and it’s my privilege to share and assist wherever, whenever, and whomever I can.

There’s more than enough of everything out there for all of us.

I’m hoping to make this site an ongoing resource of information, best practices, and other trusted professionals who might be of help.

And who is this Tom Jackson?

Last Laugh Creative | About

Just a regular guy passionate about jazz, theater, Eastern philosophy, photography, hiking, running, and baseball – although not necessarily in that order…

Don’t watch much TV anymore – except for sports with the sound turned down while listening to Miles Davis or Fairport Convention or the Budapest String Quartet or … with a good dark beer.

But that’s more than enough about me; now about your project…

Let's discuss how we might help you, so the the next time someone asks, "What has your website done for you lately?", you'll have an answer!

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