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Local Pages Playbook: How Enterprise Brands Win At Local Search

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We know accurate, up-to-date local listings are critical for discovery for enterprise brands. But how does your brand appear locally for those valuable, non-branded, and longtail search queries? That’s where local pages come into play, another key component of any successful enterprise local marketing strategy.

Local pages are helping multi-location brands:

  • Improve local rankings
  • Build visibility for non-branded, product or service-specific searches
  • Appear more often for longtail keyword phrases which now make up the bulk of the volume of all searches—in fact, 85% or more of all search queries have three or more words
  • Reduce friction in the path to conversion with click-to-call, click-for-directions, etc.
  • Accurately measure online-to-offline across thousands of locations within a single dashboard

In this playbook, we’ll give you real examples of how brands are putting Local Pages to work and why Local Pages are such a powerful marketing tool. We will also dive into how you can use them to promote specific products, services, or types of locations, as well as creative plays to drive business with Local Pages. Some of these specific types of pages include location pages (a local Page for each physical location), service area pages (businesses such as contractors, plumping and heating brands, and landscaping companies to build business for each area),  events and promotions (pre-scheduled or published instantly to all or select locations), and specialty pages (designed to appeal to buyer intent for specific products and services). You will also learn how to maximize the impact of your Local Pages with a Dynamic Locator.

By the end of this guide, you will have all of the insight and tools you need to take advantage of the visibility and revenue-building opportunities that Local Pages provide.

Download your free copy of our Local Pages Playbook today to gain all these insights and more.

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