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Design is the cornerstone of an effective online presence and is really the bread-and-butter of all that we do.

The Importance of Web Design

It bears repeating: Design is the cornerstone of an effective online presence and is really the bread-and-butter of all that we do.

In many cases, your website will be the first point of contact with a prospective client and the design – layout, colors, images – will form that first instantaneous impression of your business. If it’s not right, if it doesn’t “fit,” that initial response will be negative.

The elements of design in that initial instant are your brand; they send a message to your site visitors as to whether they are in the right place. If not – click – and they’re gone. Check your bounce rate: this is the best indication as to whether your design is reinforcing or hurting your brand.

Good design can be the most difficult – and time consuming – aspect of the entire web building process.

And, of course, the design must look good on ALL devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, microwave…

Design is that important – let’s get it right.

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WordPress Web Development

For Last Laugh Creative, web development means WordPress, period. It’s the only tool we’ve used to build websites since 2009.

And what does that mean, exactly?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which means that content is separated from functionality which is separated from presentation. This is done through a database system in which these individual elements are store separately; change one element and the other two remain the same.

Basically, WordPress supplies the functionality, Last Laugh Creative provides the presentation and you come up with the content. This also means that you can easily add, delete or update content at any time without worrying about “breaking” the functionality or presentation of the site.

WordPress is currently used on a approximately 43% of ALL websites worldwide. This means that there is a huge development community behind WordPress and amazing advances are continually being produced in the WordPress core, themes, and plugins. There is money to be made, the competition is fierce, and those of us who use WordPress are the beneficiaries.

Which means, of course, that those for whom we design and build WordPress websites are the real beneficiaries.

Let's discuss how we might help you, so the the next time someone asks, "What has your website done for you lately?", you'll have an answer!

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